Bella Thorne has leveled a new charge of childhood sexualization.

The former Disney Channel star’s latest accusation was made while appearing on Emily Ratajkowski‘s podcast High Low With EmRata.

In the talk, Thorne claimed she was passed over for an acting job at the age of 10 after a casting director accused her of flirting with him. She did not name the person.

“I had a director give me feedback once and I was 10,” the 25-year-old actress shared. “The casting director calls my agent and the agent calls my mom, and they’re like, ‘So she’s not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him and it made him really uncomfortable,’” Thorne recalled. “What the f— are you talking about, man?! I don’t give a f— what I said! I don’t care if I said, ‘Eat my p—y right now’! [I was] 10 years old. Why, why, would you ever think that?”

“Also, him feeling that it was a real issue,” Ratajkowski replied.

This isn’t the first time Thorne has raised the issue of her childhood abuse by older figures.

In her 2019 book, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray,” Thorne used poetry to tell about being molested by someone she declined to name from ages 6-14. That’s a time frame that covered her star turn as part of the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” which ran from 2010-2013.

“He didn’t have to deal with the countless times he molested me, / he didn’t deal with the countless times I felt ashamed or disgusting,” Thorne, 21, wrote in the poem. She blamed “Stockholm syndrome” for not stopping the abuse and did not name he abuser. Stockholm syndrome is a mental condition that causes a captive to align their views with their captor.

The latest confession saw Thorne point out that the casting process wouldn’t allow her to be inappropriate.

“Also, you’re in a director session,” Thorne noted. “You can’t really say or do much. You do the scene, you say ‘hello,’ you walk out. There’s no time to like, ‘Let me go sit on your lap or make you feel uncomfortable.’ What the f— are you talking about, man?”

Thorne admitted she battles guilt from the incident.

“I’m trying to find almost fault in myself,” she said. “Like: ‘What did you do, Bella? What did you do that made him feel like this? And every time I’m like, ‘Bella, stop it.’ Even that thought right there is becoming part of the problem … it drives me crazy.”

Ratajkowski then concluded, “If you need a more f—ed up story about Hollywood and pedophilia and the sexualization of children, I don’t know that there is one.”


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