Best Places In Greece For Expats To Live In

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Here are the best places in Greece for expats to live in if you are ready to move to the country.

Moving abroad can be a challenging process. This is especially so if you’re moving with your family. Compare your options and pick a city that suits your needs if you’ve been considering relocating to Greece. There are fortunately lots of choices.

Greece has one of the best climates in Europe due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea. With over 6,000 islands and additional beaches to enjoy the weather at, the nation also boasts unending sunshine and mild winters.

Greece is a great place for people who want to do more than just work because of the laid-back way of life and the climate. With so many historical sites, museums dedicated to archaeology, recreational opportunities, and entertainment centers, you’ll never get bored.

Best Places In Greece For Expats

1. Corfu

The northern Greek island of Corfu is one of Greece’s most well-known regions and a well-liked travel destination. It comes as no surprise that the largest expat population is located here. As such, Corfu is one of the best places in Greece for expats.

While Corfu is home to a wide variety of people, there are a lot of British, German, and Russian expats living there.

On this idyllic island, some expats choose to work remotely during the summer months in the hopping resorts and bars, while others choose to make a permanent home there. So whatever you’re looking for, Corfu is probably where you’ll find it.

Despite having a reputation as a party island, Corfu has a lot more to offer. Corfu is known for its pristine blue waters that are encircled by verdant countryside and majestic mountain ranges.

In addition, there are some stunning monasteries and forts that bring peace amidst the revelry.

You can find all the amenities you require in this well-liked tourist location, which has a ton of eateries, cafes, bars, and shops. Corfu has a separate international airport as well.

However, there are some drawbacks to living here. First off, it doesn’t have the same sense of community as other regions of the nation.

Second, living here can be quite expensive due to the summertime price increase. In spite of this, you ought to be able to find a good deal if you plan to stay for a while.

Best Places In Greece For Expats To Live In
Corfu, Greece. Image from CORFU.

2. Santorini

Next as is one of the best places in Greece for expats is Santorini. Greece’s most well-known postcard image is Santorini, with its blue domes and whitewashed walls. Located south of the mainland, it is a Cyclades island in the Aegean Sea.

The island has some traditional villages that are unspoiled by tourists, so even though it can get crowded in the summer, you can still get a taste of local life there.

Even so, Fira and Oia, the two main towns, have a stronger “feel” of Greece than any other place in Corfu. As a result, it’s among the best places to live in Greece for anyone seeking to balance a laid-back island lifestyle with the local culture.

Although not as many as in Corfu, Santorini attracts a sizable number of foreigners who work in the tourism sector. Rich digital nomads who want to temporarily live in luxury in one of the many exquisite villas with priceless ocean views are also drawn to it.

There are many places to eat here, from inexpensive neighborhood taverns to opulent restaurants. A volcanic eruption that occurred in the 16th century BC left behind rugged mountains on one side and turquoise seas and spotless beaches on the other.

The high cost of living in Santorini relative to other regions of the nation is its biggest drawback. If you’re moving here permanently, look for a one-year contract to get the best prices because the summer months see a sharp increase in prices followed by a decline in the winter.

3. Athens

Athens is one of the best places in Greece for expats. With more than 10 million inhabitants, Athens is both the nation’s capital and the region with the highest population density. The city has a contemporary side in addition to its historical landmarks from the fifth century BC, such as the Acropolis.

There are lots of amenities, a lively nightlife, and a well-developed and effective metro system. Each of the 58 municipalities also has a distinct personality and atmosphere.

Athens is one of the best cities in Greece for expats to live in because there are more job opportunities there than anywhere else in the nation. There is a sizable financial district in particular, so there are lots of job opportunities in banking and finance.

Families should consider Athens as well because it is home to some of the best international, multilingual schools. Housing costs can be high, though; a one-bedroom apartment costs, on average, €500, while a three-bedroom house can easily cost twice as much.

Best Places In Greece For Expats To Live In
Athens, Greece. Image from The Lonely Planet.

4. Thessaloniki

This port city is one of the best places in Greece for expats. For those who prefer to base themselves on the mainland, Thessaloniki is a well-liked substitute for Athens.

Thessaloniki is a port city in northern Greece near the borders with North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Thessaloniki strikes an ideal balance between the old and the new, like many of the best Greek cities. Ancient sites throughout the city include the Rotunda from the fourth century and the Ancient Forum.

A contemporary waterfront with a variety of restaurants serving different cuisines and cocktail bars is also nearby.

Although it is a city, there are less tourists and a much more laid-back atmosphere than in Athens. A one-bedroom apartment in the city can be found for under €400, which reflects the lower cost of living.

The winters in Thessaloniki are colder than those in the south, which is a drawback. Even so, it’s simple to travel to the warm Greek islands, so Thessaloniki is a great option if year-round pleasant weather is not your top priority.

5. Rhodes

The southeast Greek island of Rhodes is another of the most sought-after locations for foreigners to settle down because it strikes the ideal balance between tradition and modernity. This is one of the best places in Greece for expats.

Everything can be found here, from picturesque wineries to white-sand beaches, lively bars, and medieval architecture and cobblestone streets.

Due to its longer summers than other Greek islands, Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is frequently preferred by expats. Additionally, because the island is not too small, there are enough job opportunities for foreigners outside of the tourism industry.

Housing is also reasonably priced in Rhodes, which is a plus. A three-bedroom house costs between €500 and €700, while a one-bedroom apartment typically costs between €300 and €400.

6. Patras

The west side of the nation’s most populated city is Patras. Patras, a bustling port city, is largely industrial but has a lively nightlife and a diverse restaurant scene. The city is one of the best places in Greece for expats.

A great option for younger digital nomads and remote workers, it also has a youthful atmosphere due to its status as a university city.

Along with the contemporary conveniences, the old town’s charming squares and cobblestone streets preserve the city’s rich heritage. In spite of the lack of proper beaches, the coastal location offers stunning sea views.

It is best for remote workers because there aren’t as many job opportunities here as there are in Athens and Thessaloniki. Additionally, because there are no international or English-speaking schools, it is not a top choice for expats with kids.

Even so, it is one of the most reasonably priced of Greece’s best cities. A three-bedroom house rents for less than €500 per month, while a one-bedroom apartment costs roughly €250.

Best Places In Greece For Expats To Live In
Patras, Greece. Image from Greeka.

7. Mykonos

Similar to Corfu, Mykonos is known as a party island and can get pricey to live in during the summer.

Even so, it deserves a spot on this list because it’s a great option for digital nomads who love to party and are trying to strike a better work-life balance. The island is one of the best places in Greece for expats.

You can engage in thrilling water sports or lazy days on one of the island’s 25 pristine beaches if you call Mykonos home. Then, you can dance the night away at the swanky beach clubs while listening to top DJs.

Go inland to small towns with traditional tavernas and historic buildings when you want to slow things down.

What Area Of Greece Is The Best For A Family To Reside

Greece is an excellent vacation spot for families. Greece is home to many hard-working families, despite the fact that many of its islands are renowned for their wild nightlife and party atmosphere.

However, foreigners moving to Greece might want to pick a city with a lot of educational opportunities as their destination.

There are English-speaking international schools in Thessaloniki and Athens alike. But Athens sometimes has much higher prices than Thessaloniki. Additionally, the rate of non-violent crime in some parts of Athens is moderately high.

Therefore, Thessaloniki, one of the best places in Greece for expats, might be the ideal location for a family to live in Greece. Families who are prepared to spend a little more can live in Athens’ more affluent communities like Ekali and Psychiko, where they will have access to the best shopping and educational options in the country.

Where In Greece Do The Rich Reside?

Though many wealthy business owners reside in Mykonos, the wealthiest citizens of Greece tend to stay in the nation’s capital, Athens. Additionally, Santorini, which is one of the best places in Greece for expats, frequently draws more affluent tourists and residents.

Which Area Of Greece Has The Lowest Taxes?

Greek retirees from abroad may want to settle in a region with unusually low property taxes. But over the past few decades, property taxes in Greece have been steadily rising. As a result, it can be difficult to find the ideal low-tax home.

Your home’s value determines how much in property taxes you pay. The range of possible property tax percentages is between 0.10% and 1.10%.

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay taxes on your income if you’re keeping your original citizenship. This also applies to people who rely on social security or retirement funds for support.

The property taxes in Greece are still (on average) lower than those in the US, according to Mansion Global.

What City In Greece Is The Safest?

There is some level of crime in almost every city in the world. Cities tend to generate and attract criminal activity by nature. But serious crimes are frequently committed in bigger cities.

The factors that affect crime rate must be taken into account when determining the safest city in Greece. An increase in crime can be attributed to factors such as increasing income inequality, poor access to healthcare and education, and dense population.

Even so, since no city is perfect, it can be difficult to find one that fits these requirements. For instance, Athens has some of Greece’s top educational institutions but also one of the highest crime rates. Patras is much more peaceful and has less crime, but there are no international schools there.

However, the Overseas Security Advisory Council asserts that Greece has a very low crime rate. The majority of crimes involve stolen goods or property. In major cities, pickpocketing, theft, and burglaries frequently happen in the most populated areas.

Which Greek City Has The Top Academic Institutions?

Greece’s official language is Greek, but many institutions provide instruction in a variety of languages. If you and your family are relocating to Greece, you might want to think about enrolling your child in one of these international schools.

However, the majority of international schools in Greece are found in Athens, the country’s capital. Athens might be the best option if you and your family don’t speak Greek or if the Greek educational system doesn’t sit well with you.

After all, if you relocate to Athens, you’ll have your pick of almost a dozen English-speaking international schools. Although they might not be the most cost-effective institutions, they will undoubtedly make your child’s adjustment to their new environment easier.

Thessaloniki is a fantastic secondary option because it is home to many international schools. The schools in Athens, however, are among the best and most renowned in all of Greece.

There is only one place to go if you’re committed to giving students the best education possible: Athens. For English-speaking expat families, The International School of Athens is frequently their first choice. They host all grade levels (K through 12) and also provide the IB Degree Program.

What Greek City Has The Lowest Cost Of Living?

In Greece, many of the larger cities are more expensive than the rural towns and villages. However, there are more places to find work, shops, and restaurants in the city.

Expats do not, however, have to choose between affordability and city living. Corfu and Rhodes are much more affordable vacation spots compared to the occasionally expensive Athens and Mykonos.

Patras might be the best option, though, if you want to live in Greece while spending the least amount of money possible. For foreigners who enjoy history, fine dining, local wine, and shopping abroad, this coastal city is a perfect choice.

What Areas Of Greece Are Dangerous?

Greece is a stunning country, but it also has a dangerous side. Many of Greece’s larger cities have neighborhoods with a reputation for having a high crime rate, as you might anticipate.

Although Athens is regarded as one of the best Greek cities for expats, it is also a hub for prostitutes, drug dealers, and small-time criminals. One of Athens’ most well-known commercial areas, Omonia Square, draws vagrants and pickpockets who might bother tourists.

Nevertheless, the majority of Greeks are not hostile and won’t be a worry for you while you live in Greece. Avoid going out alone at night (especially if you’re a woman) and use caution when navigating dense crowds. Otherwise, savor Greece’s many attractions!

Final Thoughts

The most expensive city for expats to live in is Athens, the capital of Greece, but it’s also one of your best bets.

It has more than a dozen international schools, numerous restaurants and shopping malls, as well as more than 50 museums and art galleries.

The ideal location is still based on your priorities, preferences, and financial situation. Why not book a flight to Greece if you’ve never been there and go exploring? After all, if you’ve never been to the country, picking a city to call home can be challenging!

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