Bethenny Frankel is an entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for starring in The Real Housewives of New York City. The reality TV star recently started a podcast where she talks about her experience on the Bravo series, which is something that Andy Cohen said he was surprised by as she has dissed the show since she left.

While making an appearance on Today with Hoda and Jenna, Frankel addressed Cohen’s remarks and said that they are “pals” despite their differences of opinions.

“We totally are pals,” she said. “And we take beach walks, and most of what we talk about on those walks is the Housewives — it just is for years and text texting.”

Frankel revealed that when she was ready to launch her ReWives podcast she messaged Cohen about it and he replied, “Oh fun. I’m glad to see you embracing Housewives.” The former RHONY star acknowledged that in the past she had been critical of the show adding, “I’m glad that I’m not there, which I am. But they’re not mutually exclusive. I’m glad that I’m not there. I also do get the right to talk about it.”

After Cohen’s comments about Frankel’s podcast came out, Frankel clarified that she “didn’t really trash the Houswives. I said it was toxic for me. I think it’s a different show than it was in the beginning. It’s just evolved into something different, more big, more shiny, more dramatic than when we started.”

Frankel mentioned that “there’s no conflict” between her and Cohen and she is going to be a guest soon on Watch What Happens Live where they will clear the air.

“He doesn’t care personally. He’s probably a little annoying,” she added. “And it’s a great idea. And it’s different. And it’s exploded. The numbers are insane. I’m sure he, and some housewives, are a little irritated.”

Watch Frankel’s interview in the video posted below.


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