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BMW has indicated an interest in diving into the Metaverse through a recent Metaverse and NFT-focused trademark application.

German multinational automobile manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is the latest in line to indicate an interest in direct involvement with the Metaverse and the NFT space, as it applies to trademark its logo with intentions to offer NFT-focused services.

The trademark application, with serial number 97691730, was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on November 25, as revealed by notable trademark attorney and astrophysicist Mike Kondoudis.

Through the trademark, BMW seeks to offer its clients services bordering on the Metaverse and NFT space, including but not limited to retail outlets for sales of digital vehicles and clothing; media files authenticated by NFTs; digital clothing, footwear, and vehicles; and the provision of a virtual environment.

“BMW is coming to the metaverse! The company has applied to trademark its logo for:

  • NFT authenticated media + files
  • Virtual vehicles + clothing + footwear
  • Retail stores for virtual vehicles + clothing
  • Virtual environments


The USPTO-licensed attorney further shared a document detailing the BMW application. Information from the document reveals that the leading automobile manufacturer plans to provide offerings in several forms within the Metaverse. One such offering involves NFT-authenticated media files containing vehicles, vehicle parts, accessories, footwear, and clothing.

The firm also seeks to offer downloadable computer applications featuring virtual vehicles, their accessories, virtual environments, and offerings relating to virtual reality experiences. In addition to this, its offerings include downloadable computer games featuring Metaverse experiences.

Additionally, BMW indicated intentions to provide online retail store services that would accommodate virtual vehicles, clothing, and digital goods authenticated by NFTs.

BMW’s recent trademark application indicates the growing interest in the Metaverse industry and the NFT space, which appear to have expanded late.

The automobile maker’s latest interest in the NFT scene is not its first attempted involvement with the space, as it launched its Museum of Sound NFT collection in February. The project aimed to turn the sound from its BMW M engines into NFT-authenticated art.

The Crypto Basic has previously reported five applications relating to crypto from top corporations this month alone, including Lionsgate Entertainment, NissanRolex, the University of Alabama, and JPMorgan.

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