With both kiddos I started pumping at 2 weeks and I feel like it helped me put back a lot of milk from the start. Initially I pumped and fed from both sides but around month two my left side stopped producing so I was feeding and pumping only from my right side for the next couple of months. It must be my dominant side because the same thing happened with Navy! 

Investing in a really good breast pump makes a huge difference. Choosing a breast pump is really specific to your needs and there are SO many options to consider. This article is a great resource for finding the best pump for you, this site is really helpful to breakdown different types of breast pumps, and this one goes through the pros and cons of popular pumps. 

With Navy I used the Medela pump and I really liked it! It gets off a lot of milk and is really effective. If you’re not worried about it being cord free then it’s a great pump. After breastfeeding the first time around I learned that having a hands free, cord free, and travel-friendly pump would’ve been my preference. Since I planned to pump at work with Indie I switched to the Elvie pump and loved how it’s hands free, cordless and silent!! Since it sits in your bra, it definitely takes a bit to find the right one because the fit on everyone is different. I did notice it did leak from time to time but once I figured out what bra worked best for me it was ok. 

My biggest recommendation is for sure get the Haakaa – it’s small, portable and really affordable. I’d throw it on after feedings and I frequently fed Indie on one side while using the Haakaa on the opposite. I would get off about 3-4 oz of extra milk, which adds up over time!


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