Walter White wants you to say its name.

“It” is a snack food called PopCorners, and Bryan Cranston is reviving his classic Breaking Bad character for its Super Bowl ad next month. Check out his Instagram post below.

The promo photo shows Cranston in character holding a bag of PopCorners’ white cheddar flavor, because of course that’s what Heisenberg — er, Walter White — would nosh on. The Frito-Lay product’s description says it’s “never fried,” which apparently means WW won’t have to cook this time.

Cranston won four Emmys for playing the cancer-riddled high school chem teacher-turned-meth masterchef in Breaking Bad, which aired from 2008-13 on AMC. It was a 62-episode acting tour de force that helped make the series among the most lauded dramas in TV history. He revived the character last year, alongside his BB co-star Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, for a couple final-season episodes of its prequel series Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk.

PopCorners didn’t reveal any other details about the commercial, which it lauds as having “a flavor-packed crunch and wholesome ingredients.” Of course, ingredients and their proper deployment was what Walter White was all about after he broke bad. And we’re assuming the blue bag is merely a coincidence, but Breaking Bad fans would recognize the potential, if coincidental, significance of that particular color.

Frito-Lay didn’t let on when the ad will run during the Big Game, which airs Sunday, February 12, of Fox. But it did hint obliquely that other characters from the Breaking Bad universe might show up. As advertisers tend to do.


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