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Hoskinson believes he has nothing to discuss with Richard Heart.

In a tweet today, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson dispelled any chances of a sit down with HEX founder Richard Heart, asserting that such conversation has no value.

It came in response to a proposal by Ben Armstrong, AKA Bitboy, a crypto influencer, to have both crypto founders sit down for an interview. Per the video shared, Bitboy disclosed that it was a request from @HviidHEX, a HEX influencer.

However, it appears that Hoskinson wants no part in it, as he believes that the HEX founder has insulted him and Cardano on multiple occasions. 

Bitboy appears to have given up on the prospect of the joint interview after failing to convince the Cardano founder otherwise. “I respect you enough to leave it alone,” Bitboy responded.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Hoskinson has expressed the sentiment that he wants nothing to do with Heart. “I’m sorry, I just don’t have any time for people like him,” the Input Output Global chief tweeted in April 2021 in response to calls from crypto community members to end the feud.

Notably, Heart, in response today, asserted that he had no recollection of insulting Hoskinson, saying that he appreciated what the Cardano founder tried to do in his appearance in Congress in June. Furthermore, Heart supports Bitboy’s claim that he and Hoskinson agreed on most things.

Why The Bad Blood?

Despite the HEX founder’s response today, it bears mentioning that he has a history of trolling Cardano.

In a YouTube video released on March 2021, viewers can see Heart slamming Cardano and subtly trolling its developers for their perceived sluggishness in launching smart contracts. In July of the same year, the HEX founder described the Cardano chain as “totally rekt,” implying it was a bad investment. These are just a few instances of how Heart actively trolled Cardano, a habit that some of his followers also adopted.

Dashed Expectations?

It is worth noting that despite the bad blood between both parties, both are similar in that they are perceived as easily misunderstood but brilliant by their followers. As a result, several users were looking forward to watching a conversation between the two.

Zach Humphries, a crypto influencer asserting that the tribalism in crypto needs to stop, expressed the sentiment that “there’s always value in a conversation between two people who disagree.”

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