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22 Mar 2023

Category: News


The Texas Legislature Returns in 2023 for a Brutal Year 

[ad_1] Elections have consequences. This political bromide is overused for a reason—it’s reliably true. And this year, the fallout for vulnerable Texans could be particularly destructive. After something approaching a blue wave swept across Texas in November 2018, a chastened Republican majority in the Legislature…


Far-Right Texas Republicans Mutiny at the Capitol 

[ad_1] Two-hundred and eighteen votes is the magic number to elect a new Speaker of the House, and since opening day of the 118th U.S. Congress on January 3, it’d be the understatement of 2023 to say the Republican Congressional delegation is a house divided….


Students Taking Back ‘Ownership’ of Education 

[ad_1] Texas school libraries have been far from quiet in the past two years. The voices of parents and legislators condemning the contents of certain books—particularly those featuring LGBTQ+ and nonwhite characters—are thunderous in Texas. The Lone Star State has more school book bans in…


Climate Advocacy’s Elder Statesman 

[ad_1] An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 documentary featuring former Vice President Al Gore, ignited what was previously only a smoldering public awareness of climate change. Gore had given presentations on the topic since 1989, and the filmmakers brought his efforts to the big screen. The…


Florida and Texas, the Far-Right Axis 

[ad_1] At the crux of the nation’s hyperpartisan political and culture wars stand Texas and Florida, the far-right Republican axis, whose right-wing trifectas not only survived the midterms but emerged stronger, bolder, and bigger. While the widely expected GOP “red wave” fizzled in much of…


2022 Must-Reads From TXO – The Texas Observer 

[ad_1] There is a point in every Texas Observer magazine production cycle—usually after the first, sometimes second, round of proofing—when Adam Muro, our copy editor, has caught most of the typos; when the captions have all been fixed so none of them read “so-and-so poses…


Texas Cities Prioritize Police over People 

[ad_1] If city budgets are a reflection of what a community holds precious, one thing is glaring in Texas: Policing and incarceration are cities’ crown jewels.  Texas’ five largest cities—Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth—spend far more on criminal justice than on community…