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22 Mar 2023

Category: News


RGV Punk Rocker Makes It Big on the Silver Screen 

[ad_1] When Raul Castillo saw Elegance Bratton’s name on the script for The Inspection, it sent him back in time to their last meeting. Based on the true story of its writer and director, it revolves around Ellis French (Jeremy Pope), a young gay Black…


A Video Game Christmas with Mythic Quest 

[ad_1] David Hornsby loved playing video-games as kid.  “From the Atari 2600 to the Super Nintendo, I had them all,” said Hornsby, who grew up in Houston, after moving to the city from Virginia at the age of two.  But then, as Hornsby became older,…


Last Dance with Ann Richards 

[ad_1] After two years of pandemic panic and interruptions, Texas book festivals were back in full swing—the San Antonio festival was packed for its 10th anniversary celebration despite May heat that made even the city poet laureate, Andrea Vocab Sanderson, sweat as she opened the…


A Bad Trip with the Toad Shaman 

[ad_1] Amid towering East Texas pines, smoke and New Age music drift from a sandy clearing where a circle of large rocks, along with freshly cut red roses and white carnations, surround a small fire. A card table draped with a red cloth serves as…


UT-Austin Students Can’t Afford the Rent 

[ad_1] A weathered, yellow building stands tucked between two high-rises on 24th Street. It’s not an eye-catching sight, especially amongst the continuous development taking place in the neighborhood. However, with rents ranging from $700-$2000 per room in West Campus, this building is one of the…


Dredging Plans for Massive Superfund Site on Hold 

[ad_1] The continued oil and gas export boom in Texas threatens to stir up—literally—ghosts of toxic pollution past. Lavaca Bay, flanked by the industrial towns of Port Lavaca and Port Comfort, harbors an old Alcoa aluminum and chlor-alkali plant that in the 1960s and 1970s…


The War on Christmas Drag Shows 

[ad_1] As the sun was setting on a cold December day in Grand Prairie, the latest escalation in the war on Christmas drag unfolded outside the Texas Trust CU Theater. A small group of anti-LGTBQ+ protesters gathered there on December 17 to accost attendees and…