In her French class, Emily (Lily Collins) is confused when she translates a phrase on the board as “Not choosing is still choosing.”

The teacher explains that “even not choosing has consequences so it’s still a choice”, to which Emily replies, “But how do we know we are making the right one?”

This is the main theme in the trailer for the upcoming third season of Netflix’s Emily In Paris, which premieres Dec. 21.

The Season 2 finale cliffhanger left Emily with a decision to make whether to stay with her old boss Madeline or join Sylvie in her new company. The trailer reveals that Emily is pulling double duty, working for both Madeline and Sylvie until the latter gets wind of it.

On the romance front, the trailer features Emily sharing intimate moments with both Gabriel and Alfie, signaling that the love triangle is still very much on despite Gabriel’s “friend” remark in the end that creates a Golden Girls theme songs moment.

Watch the trailer above.


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