When our cells reach a certain number of divisions, they stop dividing and become senescent. Sometimes, senescent cells can release toxins that cause inflammation.

From arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease, senescent cells have been connected to a variety of diseases. For the study, scientists used low-frequency ultrasounds to make senescent human cells start dividing again.

When they looked at mice, Professor Michael Sheetz of the University of Texas said, “I don’t think ‘rejuvenation’ is too strong a term.”

Mice between 22 and 25 months old, which is about the same age as a human in their 60s or 70s, were put in warm water deep enough to cover at least half of their bodies.

According to a research paper, rodents exposed to ultrasound therapy in water performed better in physical tests than those not exposed. 

The paper also noted that ultrasound waves lose less power when traveling through water than through air. 

Additionally, treatment with ultrasound was found to decrease the number of senescent cells in the kidneys and pancreas, as revealed by fluorescent dyes that light up senescent cells.

A plausible scientific reason is that ultrasonic physically deforms cells, causing effects comparable to exercise.

“I think more work is needed to define the effective ultrasound parameters,” comments Professor Jurgen Gotz from University of Queensland.

When applied to humans, he noted that bones and lungs, for example, hinder ultrasound transmission.

According to reports, a small study is already running to see if sound treatment might benefit Alzheimer’s patients.

Theoretically, any medication that promotes cell proliferation might raise the risk of cancer, but Professor Sheetz and his study team have found no indication of this.

How to turn back the biological clock

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald claimed that simple lifestyle changes have the potential to reverse biological aging.

The first modification to make is to adopt a wholesome diet rich in herbs and spices.

“Obviously, you want to eat more greens and colourful veggies like beets.”

She does, however, also suggest experimenting with other “herbs or botanicals, like turmeric,” which “have the ability to change our genetic expression towards something more youthful.”

Moderate exercise, which encourages cellular repair, is another essential component of biological age reversal.

Dr. Fitzgerald said that as long as you are “breathing just a little bit more” or “light sweatin’,” effects may be noticed with “half an hour, five days per week” of exercise.

Reducing stress is another element since stress may accelerate aging.

According to Dr. Fitzgerald, stress “is like gasoline on the fire of ageing,” and “engaging in meditation, or maybe yoga, or tai chi,” may have very positive consequences.

If we get good sleep, Fitzgerald said, it would keep us physiologically younger.

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