EXCLUSIVE: Two rising all-star lit managers, Harry Lengsfield & Sam Warren, have joined Grandview effective immediately. They bring with them a blockbuster roster of clients working across film and tv, including:Emmy-winning creator Michael Waldron, Emmy-winning creator Jeff Loveness, Kaz & Ryan Firpo, Independent Spirit Award winning writer/showrunner Andy Siara, writer/director Christy Hall, Colby Day and Annie Julia Wyman.

”We consider ourselves very fortunate to have spent many incredible years at LBI working alongside Rick, Chris Donnelly, and Scott Greenberg, who are truly some of the best representatives in the business. As we look towards the future, we’re thrilled to be joining with everyone at Grandview. They’ve got a bold, progressive, and exciting approach to client management – always aggressively pursuing new financial models, precedent breaking deals, and greater ownership opportunities in a rapidly shifting landscape for artists and content creators, while simultaneously keeping great storytelling front and center,” said Lengsfield and Warren. 

Originally from New York, Lengsfield began his career at WME before transitioning into management at LBI in 2014. A Los Angeles native, Warren began his career at LBI in 2012.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Harry and Sam are coming to join us at Grandview.  They work with some truly generational artists, and have cultivated impressive reputations as tastemakers and advocates for storytellers.  We feel lucky to have them, and are excited to keep building together with our stellar team of managers,” said the Grandview Partners.


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