Now that Noah is in a little preschool program, I’ve been having so much fun packing his lunches. This is the kind of thing that gets me going— like, how can I fit in the most nutritious, fun, colorful & creative foods, without doing the same thing every day or spending tons of time packing his lunchbox? It’s like a game for me… that’s just how my brain works and I LOVE doing it.

But based on my DMs any time I share his lunches, I know not every parent feels this way. For many, packing healthy lunchboxes causes a lot of stress, overwhelm and time crunches that are not ideal. And I get it— I mean, really, how many combos are there to pack that you know your kid will eat, enjoy and get fuel from?

It’s why I built my newest free guide: Healthy Lunchbox Ideas, a simple and healthy mix-and-match plan for you to pick from a few categories to fill your little one’s lunchbox. And you can get it delivered straight to your inbox right now by clicking here!

For context, all of the lunchbox pairings inside are:

  • Nut-free (to comply with most school rules these days)
  • Made with nourishing, grounding and filling REAL FOODS so your little can have great energy and love their lunches
  • Gluten-free (but you can add it in if you can tolerate it)

I always pull foods from the categories: veggies, sandwich (or other picnic-style main dish), a salty/crunchy item, fruit and/or dips. Inside the guide, I provide TONS of options inside each category, and then lots of examples of combinations that I use often so you have plenty of inspiration for your own lunchbox creations.

Here are a few healthy lunchbox examples:

Lunchbox Idea #1:

Cucumbers + turkey hummus tomato sandwich + cheddar cheese + one satsuma

Lunchbox Idea #2:

Baby tomatoes + sunflower butter with jam on rice cakes + a turkey stick + blueberries

Lunchbox Idea #3:

Snap peas + sunflower butter with banana & cinnamon sandwich + olives with GF crackers + a plum

See? It’s not so overwhelming when you have a formula and ideas to pick from, imho. 

And if you’re looking for great lunchbox accessories, here are some of my favs:


Don’t forget to download the full guide for free healthy lunchbox ideas!

Get all my (and Noah’s!) favorite healthy lunchbox pairing ideas so you don’t have to feel stressed about packing lunches ever again!

photo by Talitha Bullock

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