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Mutant NFTs topped the ranking with a surge of 2,615%. 

In recent times, Cardano has recorded outstanding network activities via its decentralized applications (dApps). Cardano-based decentralized applications have recorded a meteoric rise in unique account growth in the past five days. 

According to data published by Cardano Daily, a Twitter handle that shares updates about Cardano, Mutant NFTs recorded an incredible growth of 2,615% in unique accounts over the past five days. The feat indicates that there has been a growing interest in the Cardano-based non-fungible tokens lately. 

“The top gainer in accounts growth is @MutantNFTs, with 2615% growth. This showed that the collection created such a huge attraction from the public, as well as the Cardano Community,” Cardano Daily noted. 

A total of 9.5K unique accounts were added to Mutant NFTs over the past five days, according to data on the infographic shared by Cardano Daily today. 

Other Top-Performing dApps

Leading Cardano-based automated smart contract wrapping platform Mashdapp came second on the list, after recording a total of 28 unique accounts, representing 346% growth in the past five days. Third on the list is leading decentralized finance protocol Meowswap, which had a unique account increase of 258%, following an addition of 1.2K accounts. 

Cardano NFT Yunmi Universe ranked fourth with 3.1K unique accounts registered in the past five days, representing an increase of 129%. The fifth dApp with the most unique accounts on Cardano over the past five days is NFT project ADA Biobs. Per the data, ADA Biobs recorded a spike of 123%, representing 53 unique accounts within this time. 

Artifct, a Cardano-based NFT project, ranked as the sixth Cardano dApps with the most unique accounts. According to the data, Artifct saw an 87% spike in unique accounts on Cardano dApps over the past five days, leading to a total account increase of 746. 

Cardano sidechain Milkomeda C1 was ranked as the seventh dApp with the most unique accounts after adding 17.2K unique accounts, representing an 86% spike in the past five days. Commenting on the feat recorded by Milkomeda, Cardano Daily said: 

Cardano-based NFT marketplace Tokhun came eighth in the ranking, adding 1.2K unique accounts, a 56% growth over the past five days. Indigo Protocol, a DeFi protocol on the Cardano network, was ranked as the ninth dApp with the most unique accounts. Per the data, Indigo Protocol recorded a total of 1.5K unique accounts, representing a 51% surge in the past five days. This comes a week after Indigo Protocol ranked as the top gainer in a similar ranking. 

Finally, Explosif, an NFT minting platform, ranked 10th in terms of unique account growth on Cardano dApps, with a total of 54.3K unique accounts recorded over the past five days, representing a growth of 46%. 

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