Director James Cameron’s Avatar 3 is already in post-production and parts of Avatar 4 have already been filmed. That’s while he’s doing promotional duty with the December release of Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to the original film.

In a Q&A with fellow directors for Empire magazine, Cameron was asked whether he felt bad that he was not able to tell all of the stories he wanted to because of the Avatar time suck.

Cameron said he had two thoughts on that. “The first is that the world of Avatar is so sprawling that I can tell most of the stories I want to tell within it and try many of the stylistic techniques that I hope to explore.

“And secondly, yes… our time as artists is finite. I will always mourn some of the stories that I don’t get to make.”

Despite that, Cameron said he found “great satisfaction when other directors want to explore some of my ideas, like Kathryn Bigelow did with Strange Days, and Robert Rodriguez did when I passed him the baton on Alita: Battle Angel. I look forward to more collaborations in the future with directors I admire.”

After being announced in 2003, Alita was eventually given to Rodriguez following years of delays while Cameron worked on Avatar. Cameron remained as a producer and it was eventually released in 2019.


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