Indie’s original due date was March 13th but like so much of my pregnancy, I faced some hurdles and ultimately parted ways with my VBAC plan. If there’s anything my first delivery taught me it’s that I have zero control. I was at peace with that, the priority was for 

Thankfully I’d already made peace with either delivery knowing that I truly have zero control. When thinking through a birth plan, focusing on the health of the baby was always the priority and I soon found out that would mean another C-section.

At 37 weeks I had excruciating tooth pain…literally I went from 0 to 10 overnight making sleep and almost any task impossible. Unfortunately, pain relievers and all natural therapies provided zero relief. After seeing a dentist and oral surgeon I quickly learned the pain was due to an accessed tooth that needed to be extracted!!  After multiple consults with my OBGYN, dentist, and eventually my DDS, they attempted to pull the tooth TWICE. Unfortunately they were unable to do it safely due to the severity of the infection and lack of ability to use normal anesthetic while pregnant.


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