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Intuit Files Trademark Application to Launch Blockchain and NFT Software.

The leading software firm plans to launch downloadable blockchain software for crypto and virtual currency payment processing.

Intuit, a top California-based global software company, has filed a trademark application for its brand name, indicating an interest in delving deeper into the cryptocurrency and NFT space through the launch of blockchain software and an NFT marketplace. Intuit is the latest in a long line of several top establishments that have filed crypto-focused trademark applications in recent times.

The trademark application which has the serial number 97743454 was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last Thursday, according to data disclosed by USPTO-licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis.

“Intuit has plans for Crypto and the Metaverse! The software company has filed a trademark application claiming plans for:

  •   NFTs
  •   NFT + Crypto trading
  •   Blockchain software
  •   Cryptocurrencies + Crypto bill paying,”

Kondoudis revealed in a tweet today, sharing an image of the trademark application.


Information from the application reveals that the software giant plans to offer crypto-focused services in the areas of NFTs, blockchain, and crypto payments. These services include:

  • Downloadable software for crypto payment and transaction processing.
  • Downloadable software for managing, verifying, and validating crypto transactions using smart contracts.
  • An NFT marketplace for buying, selling, renting, and borrowing digital goods and collectibles.
  • Blockchain-based services such as the creation and issuance of cryptocurrencies, and crypto-focused bill payments.
  • Non-downloadable software for the management of crypto-related transactions.

Intuit is One of the Early Adopters of Bitcoin 

Intuit remains one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies among global corporations. The firm’s interest in Bitcoin became evident as far back as 2014 when it included the firstborn crypto in its QuickBooks Online system. The initiative which the firm dubbed “PayByCoin” would allow businesses to accept Bitcoin payments from their customers.

The firm has continually dabbled in crypto since then, eventually securing a patent from the USPTO which gave it the legal backing to process Bitcoin payments through SMS. Intuit filed an application for the patent in 2014 but got its application approved by the USPTO in August 2018.

The recent trademark application is the firm’s latest attempt at leveraging the nascent blockchain and crypto industry and underscores a growing interest in the scene by top brands. The majority of these companies have also filed crypto-focused trademark applications, including but not limited to Lionsgate, Rolex, JPMorgan, Visa, and Western Union.

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