Magnum P.I. was saved last summer by NBC after it was cancelled by CBS.

The procedural will now be “sexier” in its new home, according to its stars and showrunner, as characters Thomas Magnum, played by Jay Hernandez, and Juliet Higgins, played by Perdita Weeks, getting together and starting a romantic relationship.

While Magnum and Higgins have had the classic ‘will they, won’t they’ since season one and shared a kiss at the end of season four, season five kicks off with a steamy shower scene and a Baywatch-style romp.

Showrunner Eric Guggenheim, speaking at NBC’s TCA press tour, said that this relationship would have happened even if it had remained on CBS. But he added, “This season is sexier. It is more romantic, more emotional.”

Weeks added that she noticed it had become sexier and said that the challenge in season five for the two characters is to figure out how to work together while also getting into dangerous situations.

Hernandez also highlighted the “dynamic shifts a little bit when it’s somebody that you’re in relationship with”.

Season five is set to be split into two ten-episode blocks. The first block launches on February 19 and Guggenheim said he didn’t know when the second block would air.

Guggenheim said that the effort to find a new home for the show started immediately after the cancellation by Universal Television, which produces with CBS Studios.

Hernandez added, “It was a shock that the show was going to go away in the first place. I was genuinely just confused… shocked that it happened. I was surprised that it found a new home as that’s such a rare thing to happen.”

Guggenheim added that the transition has been “seamless”.

Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill, Tim Kang and Amy Hill also star.

Guggenheim exec produces Barbie Kligman, John Davis, Justin Lin, John Fox, David Wolkove and Gene Hong.

The show is a reboot of the 1980s drama created by Donald P. Bellisario and Glen A. Larson that starred Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I. follows Thomas Magnum (Hernandez), a private investigator and former Navy SEAL who solves crimes in the Hawaii after returning home from Afghanistan and repurposing his military skills.


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