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Hosky token has secured the top spot on the list of Cardano projects with the highest engagements in the past seven days.

Cardano’s first-ever meme coin Hosky Token (HOSKY), is again capturing the crypto community’s attention, as it recently secured the top spot on the list of Cardano’s projects with the most engagements in the past week.

The Hosky project has amassed an engagement count of up to 11,400 in the past seven days, according to Cardano Daily, citing data from crypto social intelligence platform Lunar Crush. 

Cardano Daily recently revealed a Lunar Crush list of the top 10 Cardano projects by engagements in the past seven days. The list indicates that Hosky’s 11.4K engagement count is almost half of the value of 6.5K, which the Foxxed NFT collection secured, sitting in the second position. Furthermore, the Clay Nation arts and culture project secured the third position, with an engagement count of 3.7K in the past week.

The last seven Cardano-hosted projects with the highest engagements in the past week include the following:

  • Indigo Protocol, with 3.0K in engagement count.
  • Minswap Labs DEX has an engagement count of 2.9K.
  • Axo, with engagements of up to 2.4K.
  • StellarFox had 2.2K in engagement count.
  • Liqwid Labs, with 1.5K.
  • Jpgstore, with up to 1.3K in engagement count.
  • MuesliSwap, with 632. 
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Image source: https://twitter.com/cardano_daily/status/1596111461998243841

With a 24-hour gain of up to 11.55%, per data from CMC, HOSKY appears to have weathered the bearish storm quite well within the past few hours, as it rallies on the back of the convalescent market amid the declining panic triggered by the FTX saga. This has been complemented by the recent surge of social engagements the token has attracted in the past week. The asset is currently trading at $0.00000002135 at the time of reporting.

HOSKY’s Silent Growth Moves

Despite the silence within its camp in the recent past, the top spot of the list of Cardano’s projects with the highest engagements is not strange to HOSKY, as it has previously attained the position several times.

Last month, The Crypto Basic reported HOSKY’s achievement as the top engaged Cardano project following a week of increased social activity for the project. The project also secured the top spot based on the same assessment in the last week of September. Cardano founder Hoskinson also highlighted Hosky in one of his tweets in October.

Launched sometime in February as the first-ever dog-themed meme coin in the Cardano ecosystem, the Hosky project has attracted occasional attention from investors since its inception. By its status as a meme coin, the team behind the asset touts it as “a premiere low-quality s#it coin.”

Notwithstanding, HOSKY’s status as a meme coin has not impeded its growth. In May, HOSKY was regarded as one of the most impactful recently-developed projects in Cardano, considering its past partnership with the NFT platform Cardahub, which would allow users to purchase NFTs on Cardahub with the HOSKY token.

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