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Miami Nightclubs Processed Millions Worth of Orders From Crypto Entrepreneurs Last Year.

Miami nightclubs recently disclosed that they received massive patronage from crypto entrepreneurs who were in the habit of lavish spending.

Nightclubs in the Floridian city of Miami have revealed that they processed millions of dollars worth of orders from crypto entrepreneurs during the bull run of last year due to their habit of lavish spending on exotic products such as champagne-filled bathtubs.

According to a Financial Times report, owners of the nightclubs disclosed the information as they sought to reminisce on the good days in which the persistent bear market and the damaging effects of the recent FTX collapse have hampered.

Speaking to FT, Gino LoPinto, an Operating Partner at a Miami nightclub, E11even, revealed that the club witnessed a mass emergence of young cryptocurrency entrepreneurs shortly after it started processing orders in cryptocurrencies in April of 2021.

Notably, in June 2021, LoPinto mentioned that several crypto investors trooped into E11even, making exuberant orders to celebrate what they called a successful trade. According to LoPinto, the entrepreneurs ordered a bathtub of champagne worth over $1 million and paid in cryptocurrencies while enjoying a show from prominent rapper 50 Cent.

“They had bathtubs of champagne brought out and gave 50 Cent a bunch of cash to throw,” LoPinto noted. Additionally, he revealed that E11even processed orders worth over $6M from crypto entrepreneurs between April 2021, when it started accepting crypto payments, and December 2021.

Financial Times also interviewed the Director of Food & Beverage at Moxy Hotels, Andrea Vimercati. Vimercati revealed that the young crypto entrepreneurs were purchasing between 12 and 24 of the most expensive champagnes and indulging in champagne showers.

Vimercati admitted that the young entrepreneurs had a sort of “nerdy” look that did not particularly ooze an aura of wealth. Still, they would book tables valued at $50,000 while treating themselves to the highest-priced drinks, making him wonder where they had come from.

While it is nearly impossible to ascertain whether these were individuals engaged in [rug pull] scams or honest investors who made nice trades, it remains a given that last year’s bull run transformed several cryptocurrency proponents into overnight millionaires.

Individuals who invested in assets such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Ethereum (ETH) received massive returns as each asset surged by surprising margins. The price surges of the previous bull market captured the attention of millions of investors, contributing to a massive increase in cryptocurrency adoption from both retail and institutional investors.

The Bear Market and The FTX Implosion Have Triggered a Dearth of Customers

Notwithstanding, the nightclubs have witnessed a dearth of crypto-inclined customers of late amid the prevalent bear market and the recent contagion spread by the FTX implosion. The FTX debacle, in particular, has put investor confidence to the test, leading to losses of billions of dollars.

The company filed for bankruptcy on November 11 following a massive bank run that exposed its liquidity crisis, leading to its crash and the collapse of affiliated entities such as Alameda Research.

Following its first bankruptcy hearing, several disturbing revelations surfaced surrounding the firm. A Reuters report revealed that Sam Bankman-Fried, his parents, and other FTX executives purchased the property in the Bahamas worth over $300M, as SBF ran the firm like his “personal fiefdom.”

Recently, The Crypto Basic reported that a total of eight United States House members made attempts to impede the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s inquiry into FTX in March as part of its consumer protection regulatory exercise.

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