The NFL is planning a series of activations in support of injured Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin that will occur across the league during Week 18 games.

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the field during last Monday night’s Buffalo-Cincinnati Bengals game. He has been hospitalized but is reportedly slowly recovering.

All 32 NFL clubs playing this final weekend of the regular season have the option to use league-approved activations, with specific call-outs that will be unique to Buffalo.

The NFL distributed a public address announcement that clubs are encouraged to read prior to the national anthem. The announcement will be accompanied by a scoreboard graphic of Hamlin.

“Throughout this week, the entire NFL family has been praying for Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills as he continues his recovery, and we thank the first responders and medical professionals involved in his care.

“The [CLUB NAME] ask you to join us in a moment of support and love for Damar, and cheer for him and his family as they continue their fight.”

All clubs (home & away) may outline the “3” in each 30-yard line number on the field in either Buffalo Bills Red or Buffalo Bills Blue. During warmups, players will have the option to wear black Nike t-shirts displaying “Love for Damar 3” on them.

During warm-ups in Buffalo, Bills players will wear a similar Nike shirt. but in the team’s royal blue. New Era hats embroidered with a “3” on them will be provided to Bills football personnel to wear during warm-ups. “3” jersey patches will be worn by the Buffalo Bills in Week 18.


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