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09 Dec 2023

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Formula 3 Asian Series – 

[ad_1] November 27, 2021MechVibesblog The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA) Formula 3 Asia Championship has been officially certified by the sport’s worldwide governing body. The FIA-certified F3 Asian Championship has followed the federation’s revolutionary single chassis, one engine model. The championship emphasises performance, security, and cost management,…


Bring Out the Best in Every Teacher 

[ad_1] Leadership for Learning: How to Bring Out the Best in Every Teacher, 2nd EditionBy Carl Glickman and Rebecca West Burns(ASCD, 2022 – Learn more) Reviewed by Cathy Gassenheimer This is a tough time for educators. The pandemic still lingers; addressing the requisite learning loss…


This Is The Weapon Ukraine Needs Right Now 

[ad_1] As the 190th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, Western nations and unbiased observers are still warning that Russia’s military may start deploying chemical weapons in addition to randomly attacking cities. The Kremlin has denied using chemical weapons. But this kind of attack…