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23 May 2024

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50 Strategies Community and Classroom Management 

[ad_1] We Belong: 50 Strategies to Create Community and Revolutionize Classroom ManagementBy Dr. Laurie Barron and Patti Kinney(ASCD, 2021 – Learn more) Reviewed by Michael McLaughlin If there was one thing that the COVID pandemic illustrated for schools, it was reminding us of the importance of community. Though…


Safety Tips For Medical Equipment Transportation  

Transportation of medical equipment like CT scanners, MRI machines, Lasers, lab tools, X-ray units, medication, surgical devices, etc. requires special planning to ensure the safe and secure transportation of delicate and sensitive equipment. Some of the key considerations include: Packing: Medical equipment should be properly…


Understanding what Form 15G is all about? 

Form 15G is a self-declaration form that is used by individuals in India to claim a tax exemption on certain types of income. It is typically used by individuals who are eligible for tax exemption under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, of 1961….