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Shiba Inu Defense Team Comes Forward To Silence Rumors.

Shiba Inu’s Defense Breed Member, Shib Trophias, comes up with the official statement to silence the “FUD” related to Shibarium. The official Twitter account for Shibarium Network has been revealed for the first time.

Rumors about the potential launch of Shibarium Layer-2 Solution once again revived as xFUND telegram moderator named Lord Gaudy shared misinformation about the release date of Shibarium.

One of the official SHIB Defense Breed members, Shib Trophias, brings a clarification note for the Shiba Inu Community saying that no official dates for the launch of Shibarium Layer-2 Solution have been released yet, nor is anyone authorized to do this besides the Shiba Inu team itself.

I feel that the SHIB Team needs to make a statement. No dates for Shibarium have been posted or authorized for release. xFund and their devs are the Oracle services that we have selected! We support them and know they’ll smash it out of the park!”

Further clarifying the situation, Trophias noted that the xFund is totally “separate” and has no information of any kind related to Shibarium, including “the release date, or any other information about the detailed documentation that is coming.”

Trophias assured the Community that once everything is ready, the devs of Shibarium and the SHIB team itself will post the updates on SHIB’s Official Twitter.

Shib Trophias also revealed the official Twitter account for the Shibarium network. (@ShibariumNet). He encouraged the Shiba Inu Community to follow the official account of Shibarium Network so that community can receive the official updates related to Shibarium Layer 2 Solution. At press time, over 3.3K people have already followed the account.

Last time, Unification XFUND came up with new updates about the much-anticipated blockchain project Shibarium on June 24th. In the medium article, the blockchain services provider, XFUND, announced the possible launch date for Shibarium and stated that: “the Shibarium Public Beta TestNet is planned for deployment in Q3 2022, to coincide with the FUND TestNet upgrade, which includes the much anticipated IBC/Gravity/wFUND updates.”

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