Count on Jennifer Coolidge to bring down the house — even when it doesn’t involve the actual Jennifer Coolidge.

In what was arguably the best skit of the night during SNL‘s Christmas show, Chloe Fineman dressed up in her finest gold lamé to impersonate the beloved White Lotus actress in a skit called “Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas Stuff.”

“Look at this,” she begins, “a big sock full of gifts. The ultimate stocking stuffer is a foot.”

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It got even kookier from there. Fineman’s Coolidge weighed in on blinking Christmas lights, questioned who wrote “Jingle Bells,” and remarked how a cup of egg nog tasted “like I’m drinking Santa’s c—.” Yep, that part was censored.

She also thought a menorah candle was lit for someone’s birthday — so she blew it out. “I forgot to make a wish,” she said.


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