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The Terra Rebels have launched their own Terra Classic wallet to reduce dependence on the Terra Station and TFL.

The Terra Rebels, in a tweet today, announced the launch of the Rebel Station, tagging it as “Another step towards autonomy.”

“With the ardent efforts of the Frontend Team, Rebel Station is ready for launch,” the Terra Rebels wrote in their announcement.

It bears mentioning that the Rebel Station is the Terra Rebels’ response to the Terra Station. While some have noted that the interface appears identical to that of the Terra Station, as highlighted @reXxTerraRebels, AKA reXx, the biggest difference is that it cuts off the dependence on Terraform Labs. Notably, as the Terra Rebel explained, with a wallet managed by the Terra Classic community, there would be less downtime required to perform version upgrades as it would not have to go through TFL.

“Version changes can be submitted on the go to limit downtime compared to TFL versions that must go through TFL for approval,” reXx wrote in a google translated tweet.

The newly launched wallet, which promises to take the place of Terra Station for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) holders, should allow users to hold and transfer their tokens, delegate their holdings, participate in governance and see important network metrics.

Notably, Rebel Station is currently only available on the web, on desktop, and as a chrome extension. reXx disclosed that developers are waiting for licensing to roll out the mobile app. Users can move to the Rebel Station by recovering their wallet using mnemonic phrases or by importing with their private keys, per a tweet from reXx.

While Do Kwon and TFL have committed to maintaining the Terra Station for the Terra Classic community for as long as necessary, a wallet maintained by a dedicated team of Terra Classic developers will likely offer better maintenance efficiency. In addition, it further distances the network from Kwon and TFL’s controversial image in the wake of the ecosystem collapse in May.

Recall that Terra Classic core developer Edward Kim hinted at the wallet’s development following the release of the Terra Rebels roadmap in September. Moreover, as previously reported, developers like Jacob Gadikian, who have shown interest in helping to rebuild the chain, have conditioned their efforts on the Terra Classic network achieving independence from TFL.

Community influencer Classy in response to the Rebel Station launch highlighted that it is a big move for LUNC. “LUNC independence is coming VERY fast!” Classy asserted.

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