The Real Housewives of Miami is returning for Season 5 and Peacock just released their brand new taglines.

Alexia Nepola: “In Miami, the sun brings the heat but I bring the fire.”

Larsa Pippen: “Hate all you want ’cause if I were you, I’d hate me too.”

Guerdy Abraira: “The only thing that moves faster than my mouth is my ambition.”

Julia Lemigova: “When the chicks fly the coop, it’s time for this mama bird to spread her wings.”

Lisa Hochstein: “You can try to take my castle but you will never steal my crown.”

Dr. Nicole Martin: “I’m a pro at the rules of engagement and I have the ring to prove it.”

The taglines give insight into the drama that each of the housewives will be bringing to the show. Nepola got married since viewers last saw her and that’s the vibe she is given off. Pippen’s tagline refers to all the negativity she draws from some of her costars.

Abraira showcased her work during Season 4 of RHOM and is going to seemingly continue on that path as she grows her business and inspires other women. Lemigova’s tagline is a nod to all of the animals she has at home.

Hochstein has a heavy storyline coming up as she filmed in the middle of a separation from her husband. Finally, Dr. Matin’s tagline is about her looking at the future now that she is engaged.

Although they don’t get taglines, Season 5 will have three “friend of” the housewives with Marysol Patton, Adriana de Moura and Kiki Barth taking on those roles.

RHOM will premiere on December 8 on Peacock with four episodes dropping that day. Season 5 consists of 16 episodes in total.

Watch the taglines for RHOM Season 5 in the video posted below.


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