EXCLUSIVE: Minnie Mills, star of Amazon YA series The Summer I Turned Pretty, is moving into the audio world.

Mills is starring in Dump Him!, an audio rom-com series from Meet Cute.

She stars as Ruby, who by day is an average jaded college sophomore, but by night she’s “Venus,” the anonymous campus radio’s relationship expert dispensing advice to lovelorn undergraduates. When Ruby’s boss tells her he’s replacing her with an a cappella hour because Venus “has no impact,” Ruby tells that night’s caller to dump her boyfriend.

Impact achieved: the next morning, campus Queen Bee Paige has dumped high school sweetheart and fellow a cappella star, Parker. Parker, deranged with grief, decides to track down Venus and expose her true identity, and he knows just where to go for help: resident nerd and big-time nobody, Ruby. She’s that geek majoring in investigative journalism, right? Ruby agrees to help him–what better way to throw Parker off Venus’s scent…or is Ruby nursing something a little more for the campus heartthrob? 

The series, described as Sleepless In Seattle meets To All the Boys I’ve Loved, will launch on February 7.

The cast also includes John Karna (Scream), Eilise Guilfoyle (Cora and Sam Hate the Dentist), musician Jen Goma, Tommy Kang (Divorce), and Becca Kauffman (Mona).

It is written by Juli Del Prete and directed and produced by Julia Thompson. Lucie Ledbetter is director of creative production, and Amarlie Foster is director of development. Original music is composed, edited and mixed by Teeny Lieberson. 

Meet Cute was founded by former investment banker Naomi Shah. Shah set up the company on Valentine’s Day in 2020 and has raised millions of dollars from the likes of Union Square Ventures and Shari Redstone’s investment firm Advancit Capital. It has produced over 450 romantic comedies as original 15-minute scripted audio episodes and has a global network of over 1,000 creators, including Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard, who created Cruise Ship, Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough and pop star Ellie Goulding.

It also recently struck a partnership deal with Range Media Partners as well as a deal with Dickinson producer wiip.

“If you’re like me, the only shows and movies I want to binge between the holidays and Valentine’s Day are rom-coms,” said Shah. “Dump Him! is the perfect addition to that slate. We went all out for this series, including casting Minnie Mills, and our creative team and cast delivered an incredible show. I hope you enjoy it!”


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