Horror movie M3GAN has been a such a breakout boxoffice hit, a sequel already has been greenlighted. What’s more, the film’s titular character — an AI doll who kills people while protecting the orphaned girl she was given to by her aunt (Allison Williams) — has become a gay icon.

This is the theme Saturday Night Live honed in on with its M3GAN spoof, featuring Chloe Fineman with another flawless impersonation as the humanoid droid doll and host Aubrey Plaza as M3GAN 2.0, the star of the sequel which “promises to be even more gay.” The two enjoy a warm reception at a gay bar where Williams’ Gemma finds them and is immediately recognized as Marnie from Girls.

Watch the skit below:

In its return to originals after a monthlong break, SNL also spoofed the biggest boxoffice hit of the past few weeks, Avatar: The Way Of Water.

Mikey Day plays Jake Sully and Ego Nwodim is Neytiri in the sketch, in which Jake gathers the clan to warn them about reports that two female spies “described as butch ladies from Arizona” have infiltrated their ranks. The suspicion immediately falls on basketball shorts and oversized sunglasses-wearing Heidi Gardner and host Aubrey Plaza though there soon is a surprise revelation.

Watch the skit below:


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