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Is the future of cryptocurrencies bullish or bearish for investors, or will it continue to move in mysterious ways? Do you anticipate that Bitcoin’s volatility will persist? Is there a favorite cryptocurrency to invest in for 2023?

Countless forecasts have been made about the future of cryptocurrency, just like there are analysts doing the charting. If history is any indicator of what the future of cryptocurrencies holds, then cryptocurrency investors are in for a wild trip. Here are a few exciting crypto predictions for the year 2023.

  1. Bitcoin ETF Could Get Approved

It has been speculated that this year may see the approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), offering investors direct exposure to the cryptocurrency. Last year, ProShares was granted permission by the SEC to operate a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that follows Bitcoin’s futures contracts. But experts predict regulators will eventually greenlight a Bitcoin Spot ETF because the market is already developed enough to sustain one.

  1. Unicorns in Web3

The topic of unicorns brings us to our second cryptocurrency prediction for 2023, which is that we anticipate that next year will bring a few unicorns to the Web3 arena.

According to our own definition, a “unicorn” is a cryptocurrency that has increased in value by an amount equal to or greater than one bag in the space of a single year. Where exactly should we look for the unicorns in the year 2023? In the context of Web3, more generally:

  • Music and Web3
  • Games and Web3
  • Collectibles and Web3

The usage of Web3 and NFTs in various fields, such as gaming and music, is the overarching concept that unites all of these.

  1. Luna Classic

The final of our three cryptocurrency forecasts for 2023 is the Luna Classic coin, which we believe will be the meme coin of the year.

Incredible as it may seem, a positive reversal can be seen on the Luna Classic chart. After the failure of Luna, the Luna Classic project evolved into a genuine decentralized endeavor, which is of equal importance. Both of these things help to create a bright outlook for the very distant future. In 2023, we anticipate that Luna Classic will have a greater potential as a meme coin than both Doge and Shiba.

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