If you’re wondering whether a favorite TV show is coming back for another season, you’ve tuned to the right channel. Here is Deadline’s photo gallery of TV series that have been renewed so far in 2023. Click on the image above to view the pics.

Spanning broadcast, cable and streaming, the alphabetical-by-title list will be updated throughout the year.

As we continue in the era of Peak TV — FX’s John Landgraf said in January that there were 599 series on the air in 2022 — networks and streamers remain picky about their pickups. There’s a lot more in play than just a programs ratings when executives make the decisions about a show’s future, or lack thereof.

Some of the titles you’ll see in this gallery were no-brainers for renewal based on the zeitgeist, star power, history and/or various other factors. Some renewals represent a modicum of risk, while others border on a leap of faith. Still others are getting one last bite at the first-run apple and have been picked up for a final season; we note in the captions when that’s the case.

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When you’re done going through this gallery, have a look at Deadline’s list of TV series that have ended so far in 2023 or will wrap by the end of the year. And here is a list of shows that were renewed or canceled in 2022.

Check back here often for updates, and happy viewing, TV fans.


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