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Buterin reveals Coinbase has helped with Ethereum’s EIP-4844 in response to claims that CEOs of centralized exchanges do not care about crypto.

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin revealed in a tweet on Thursday that Coinbase has assisted with EIP-4844.

For context, EIP-4844 is Ethereum’s proto-danksharding proposal. Its implementation will usher in a phase of improved Ethereum scalability by splitting the processing of transactions. EIP-4844 is currently under consideration to ship with the Shanghai upgrade, per a report from The Crypto Basic yesterday.

Buterin’s statements on Thursday came in response to Dialectic co-founder Dean Eigenmann asserting that CEOs of centralized exchanges do not care about decentralization. Notably, Eigenmann had laughed off comments from VivekVentures.eth asserting that Coinbase Chief Brian Armstrong cares. The discussion elicited a response from Buterin, who disclosed that Coinbase has been helpful.

“@coinbase has actually been increasingly helpful on EIP-4844 lately,” Buterin tweeted. “Appreciate their help on this!”

Armstrong responded, noting that the Ethereum developers did all the heavy lifting, asserting that the exchange helped where they could. “Least we can do (for all chains) given our whole business is built on these decentralized protocols,” the Coinbase chief tweeted.

It bears mentioning that in a recent Coinbase podcast, Armstrong spoke against crypto tribalism, asserting that he wants the crypto industry to collaborate more. While his comments may have received strong criticism from the XRP community, highlighting that Armstrong appeared to favor Ethereum, it is worth noting that the Coinbase chief is building a reputation for himself as a champion of the industry.

Notably, Coinbase is funding the lawsuit by Tornado Cash users against the US Treasury.

Eigenmann’s sentiments come as the crypto industry is still reeling from the collapse of FTX. Notably, recent revelations in the wake of the collapse reveal unethical and anti-crypto practices from FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and his executives. Furthermore, in an interview with Vox, the crypto founder discloses that he never really believed in many of the things he verbally advocated for, saying it was all to build his reputation.

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