A mysterious creature has been caught on video near Atlantic Beach, causing widespread speculation among internet users as to what it could be.

Some have suggested it could be an alligator or a whale calf, while others speculate that the legendary Loch Ness Monster may have made a trip to the eastern coast of the United States.

A video of a mysterious creature moving just beneath the surface of the water has been shared online by Chasing Tails Outdoors bait & tackle store in Atlantic Beach. The brief footage shows part of the creature’s head and a tail fin emerging from the water.

The caption said, “Something you don’t see every day. Never seen one inside the inlet like this: “WHALES or the LOCK [sic] NESS MONSTER in the Port this morning!”

Most social media users who left comments on the image did not seem to be very sold on the Loch Ness Monster theory, instead speculating that the creature seen in the video was most likely an alligator or a whale calf.

However, at least one internet user said that “no way it’s any of the animals mentioned, including a ‘baby whale’ or alligator.”

According to a witness, the creature was seen exhibiting graceful movements and featured unusual protrusions on its head as well as a long, feather-like flipper in the rear.

The individual stated that they were unaware of any sea creature matching this description and expressed concern for the creature’s safety, stating, “Just hope no one tries to harm it.”

The identity of the creature remains unknown.


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