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Xumm Implies No One Uses Coinbase Wallet As Coinbase Ends XRP Support.

XRP Ledger native wallet Xumm claps back at Coinbase for insinuating that XRP has low usage.

Xumm wallet responded to the decision of Coinbase wallet to end support for XRP in a tweet yesterday, implying that no one was using Coinbase wallet in the first place.

Notably, Coinbase wallet, in a blog post yesterday, disclosed that it would be ending support for BCH, ETC, XLM, and  XRP by 2023, citing low usage. 

In response, native XRP Ledger wallet Xumm asserted that Coinbase was experiencing low usage because holders had switched to Xumm. Touting its strengths, the non-custodial wallet for only XRPL tokens welcomed all remaining XRP holders.

“Sorry (but not sorry) Coinbase, that’s because everyone is using Xumm (More secure, no telemetry, better support, ecosystem interaction and feature complete),” Xumm retorted. “XRP holders: we welcome you.”

It bears mentioning that the Coinbase wallet delisting of XRP and end of support for the XRPL has met mixed responses. Some users felt that the exchange-owned wallet needed to be more forthcoming about its motives, as the move is uncharacteristic of a non-custody wallet. On the other hand, others expressed surprise that people were holding their XRP on the Coinbase wallet or that the wallet supported XRP in the first place since the exchange does not support XRP trading.

The responses are unsurprising as XRP community members are not big fans of Coinbase. Notably, many still hold a grudge against the exchange for delisting the token almost two years ago, even when the Judge is yet to give a ruling in the SEC case against Ripple, claiming that XRP is a security. 

The community’s response to recent statements from Coinbase chief Brian Armstrong asserting that the crypto industry needed to band together and be less tribalistic gives credence to this. Notably, the statement did not rub off well on many who feel the Coinbase chief is partial to Bitcoin and Ethereum and unsupportive of XRP.

Despite statements from Coinbase wallet, XRP remains the seventh largest crypto by market cap with over $20 billion, boasting a 24-hour trading volume of nearly $1 billion.

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