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31 Jan 2023

Category: News


From Austin with Zombies 

When actor Gabriel Luna first picked up a Playstation controller and played The Last Of Us all the way back in 2013, he surprisingly felt a pang of pride.  “The first thing I noticed was that the inciting incident for the game was in Austin,”…


San Antonio to End Use of Coal Within Five Years 

In 2010, coal use in the United States was already dropping precipitously in favor of cheaper and more environmentally friendly options, including natural gas and renewables. That year, San Antonio’s electric utility made the anachronistic decision to add a new coal-fired generator to its J….


Destiny Returns to Wolfforth 

When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned almost 50 years of legal precedent last June by stripping away the constitutional right to abortion, Destiny Adams was horrified. She foresaw devastating consequences for her community in Wolfforth, a tiny West Texas suburb of Lubbock with little access…


‘A Legacy of Rage’ in Waco 

Thirty years ago this April 19, TV viewers looked on as Mount Carmel—the sprawling Branch Davidian compound on a bleak stretch of prairie outside Waco—was engulfed in flame and smoke. The destruction of the rickety settlement, familiar after two months of intense media coverage, marked…


Petty Drama, Electric Trucks and Hungry Bears 

Austin Drue Wagner / Texas Observer The unreliable Texas grid could not stop one man’s pursuit of reliable family planning. When his urology clinic suddenly lost power, Dr. Christopher Yang thought he would have to cancel a patient’s impending vasectomy. But a staffer reminded the…