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30 May 2023

Category: Health


Indie’s Birth Story – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] Indie’s original due date was March 13th but like so much of my pregnancy, I faced some hurdles and ultimately parted ways with my VBAC plan. If there’s anything my first delivery taught me it’s that I have zero control. I was at peace with…


Meet Morgan White – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] How do you recharge and reset to maintain all of your projects? Do you believe in balance? It’s so funny that you ask about balance because it’s one of my most talked about topics. I even wrote an article about it titled, “The Art…


Navy James’ Farmer’s Market – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] My vision was to put on a full farmer’s market but on a smaller scale of course. My goals – kid-focused fun, sustainable, cost-effective, and to support local farmers. We rented crates and baskets from Bloomsbury Farms, a local farm (where Mad and I…



[ad_1] PUMPING With both kiddos I started pumping at 2 weeks and I feel like it helped me put back a lot of milk from the start. Initially I pumped and fed from both sides but around month two my left side stopped producing so…


Kid’s Bathroom Reveal – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] The main attraction in the space is actually inspiration from 2 years ago when we were building the house! I had a vision and really connected with the bold, geometric pattern of white tile with inlaid gold. People always think it’s wallpaper but it’s…


Meet Tyrone Carreker 

[ad_1] This Amplify interview is a really special one. We’re featuring Tyrone Carreker, the founder and CEO of 27.9 Fragrance – the candle company that creates Happily Grey’s signature and seasonal candles. He initially moved from Detroit, Michigan to Nashville to pursue music and along…


Our Bedroom – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] Our bedroom…viola!! EXCITED to share a project I’ve been working on the last year with CB2. Since the pandemic I (along with many of you!) have been on a mission with some home updates. Warmth, TEXTURES, and cozy have been the main themes, while…


Clean Beauty ROUNDUP – Happily Grey 

[ad_1] Clean beauty. Lets talk about it! Through pregnancy and now almost a mom of two, I have a stronger desire for clean beauty. Using safe products are not only important me for but also the baby growing in my belly and the toddler I’m…


Tips for packing with babies 

[ad_1] Any parent will tell you the most stressful part of vacation is the prepping and the PACKING especially when little kids are involved. Navy was almost one last time we were at the beach, now with two under two we have TWICE as much…