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24 Feb 2024

Category: Law \ Legal

Law \ Legal

Decoding the SBI Lab Results with Sarah Olson 

[ad_1] Understanding the results of an SBI lab report is critical to diagnosing possible attack points on a DWI charge. On today’s episode, Sarah Olson, the Forensic Resource Counsel for the Office of Indigent Defense Services, sits down with Jake to discuss the proper interpretation…

Law \ Legal

Episode 119: Maximizing Your Firm Retreat 

[ad_1] Today’s episode is a reflection on the incredible retreat our team just returned from in Gastonia NC. We stayed at the beautiful Esquire Hotel in Gastonia, and our retreat included a mock trial exercise at Gaston College, an excursion to Top Golf in Charlotte,…

Law \ Legal

10 Tips for District Court Success 

[ad_1] Back on Episode 7, Jake gave you 10 Keys to District Court Success. On today’s episode, Jake provides 10 more ways to easily and immediately improve your practice in the district courts of North Carolina. If you handle criminal and traffic matters day in…

Law \ Legal

Episode 122: Client Empathy 

[ad_1] Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. On today’s episode, Jake examines two critical moments in DWI representation where empathy is critical to WOW representation: (1) the arrest; and (2) the final court date. To understand what…

Law \ Legal

Being the Local Guide with Zac Cohen 

[ad_1] On today’s podcast, Jake sits down with guest Zac Cohen to discuss how to grow your practice at the local level. Zac grew up in Salisbury before attending Wingate University on a football scholarship. Zac went to law school in Texas but always had…