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31 Jan 2023

Category: Law \ Legal

Law \ Legal

Episode 145: Lance Williams 

On today’s episode Jake sits down with his close friend and law partner Lance Williams. Lance joined the Minick Law team over 10 years ago and became an equity partner at the firm a couple years back. After hearing about Lance’s background in the military…

Law \ Legal

Episode 141: Giftology 

‘Tis the season for gift giving! In this episode, hear Jake discuss the power of gift giving and why gift giving should be part of your business strategy. Referencing John Ruhlin’s Giftology, Jake explains why you have not missed the boat if you did not…

Law \ Legal

Niching Up with Chris Dreyer 

On today’s episode, Jake sits down with law firm SEO expert Chris Dreyer. Chris has over a decade of experience working as a digital marketing specialist helping attorneys grow their businesses and their bottom lines. He recently released Niching Up: The Narrower the Market, the…

Law \ Legal

Speeding Ticket in Jacksonville 

Did you receive a speeding ticket in Jacksonville, North Carolina (OnslowCounty) and need help figuring out what to do with your case? In NorthCarolina, there are many different potential outcomes on a speeding ticket.These outcomes can be very different depending on the county in which…

Law \ Legal

Episode 132: State v. Eagle 

Question: Is a driver “seized” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment when a police officer in a marked police cruiser drivers slowly past a parked vehicle at night, backs up, pulls in behind the vehicle while activating the patrol car’s blue lights, blocks the…